Question and Answer:

How to tell if furniture is solid wood. & Why we use shading techniques.

Q. I inherited an antique dining suite from a relative. Can I make it modern with todays colors like Java or Expresso?

A. Yes, it's much easier to go from light or medium colors to dark when refinishing.

Q. I have an old model dining suite with bulbous legs on the table and chairs. It looks ugly and outdated. What can I do to make it look more up to date?

A. It can be remodeled by thinning down the table and chair legs, removing any heavy cross pieces and outdated decorative pieces on chair backs and table skirt then finished in todays populart colors.

Q. I left a plant on my coffee table and the water leaked out causing white marks. How can this be removed?

A. White marks indicate that the water has gone through the lacquer finish and destroyed the pigment. The old finish should be removed and new finish applied.

Q. I have a favorite old chair with a few missing parts. Can that be repaired?

A. Yes, most missing wood parts can be fabricated.


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