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    1. Quality Furniture Refinishing built its reputation providing quality work and gaining a high-level of customer satisfaction.
    2. Led by Hungarian born George Madarasz, holding two degrees: A graduate certificate from a training college in Spittal/Drau - Austria, where he lived as a Hungarian refugee and began his career in furniture making and furniture restoration. The other is a vocational degree in 1975 from McGill University in Montreal.

    George has invested 50 years into the craft of furniture design, manufacturing, finishing and refinishing; a service he provides to the Okanagan. Now approaching its 40th year! He continues to stay current on the latest trends.

    A bit of History:

    As a landed immigrant in the United States, George first taught at Winooski Highschool in Vermont USA (photo below) before moving to Montreal, Canada and continuing as a licensed teacher at Howard S. Billings High. After his teaching career of 9 years, George started a local furniture making and finishing business.

    TimberCraft Ltd. of Quebec offered custom designed and built cedar and pine furniture to the population of Montreal and surrounding area. His business, as a model, was a success.

    In 1979 George and his family, including wife Nadine, decided to leave the east, for the west. Nadine's father, Edward, apporved of British Columbia as a desired destination over Ontario, not only for opportunity but of beauty of the west.

    In April 1979 George proceeded to tour B.C. and flew into the hub of the Interior spending 3 days touring the Okanagan, venturing as far south as the city of Penticton.

    With a photo camera, he returned to Quebec with visuals and Chamber of Commerce information about the region. Within weeks it was decided to migrate west to the town of Kelowna, with a population of over 30 thousand people at the time.

    TimberCraft Ltd. (pictured below, left) opened its doors Fall 1979 offering the same high quality product line that proved popular in Quebec --- a full line of custom designed and finished cedar and pine furniture.

    Within months George came to the realization there was no market for soft-wood furniture, which was popular in the east. People preferred hard-wood furniture such as Maple, Oak and Ash. George's set-up was for soft-wood only. There were a few attempts made with TimberCraft to continue manufacturing soft-wood products for the eastern market, however freight costs to Montreal rendered the end product too expensive to consider the effort a viable venture.

    Running soley on personal savings (including real estate he sold before leaving Quebec), George invested into a new set-up and found a market in the Okanagan for his skills in furniture restoration after discovering people of the Interior were avid Antique furniture owners and collectors.

    In December 1979 TimberCraft ceaced and Quality Finishers, a name better describing its service, established operations to service the community and surrounding region. To this day it still runs successful and long.




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